Who we are?

Painting Fox is a blog that was created to help artists get more inspiration and awareness in creating art. This can be easier for a beginner artist to achieve, than being stuck inside of your studio for hours on end. The whole purpose of this blog is to promote creativity and help artists realize their full potential.

We believe that by promoting creative, artistic and creative skills among artists we can help people of all ages to find their voice, get inspired and enable them to be more expressive. We want our visitors to understand that everyone has a unique talent and should not be afraid of expressing it creatively.

We believe that art can be an important means of communication and can form a bond between people. We want to promote this by helping each other through our shared interest in art.

Creativity can sometimes be hard to find, but it’s always rewarding when found!

Uzair Younas, owner of paintingfox.in

Uzair Younas

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