How to get oil paint out of carpet without turpentine – 5 Easy Methods

A carpet is a fabric that absorbs excess oil paint very well compared to clothes or any material. Most of the remedies use turpentine, which is not just toxic for you but also affects the original colour of the carpet fabric.

Is there any other method to help you remove oil paint stains from the carpet without using turpentine?

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Use the following ways to remove oil paint from the carpet without using turpentine:

  1. Use baking soda with water to remove wet oil paint
  2. Blot with mineral spirit to remove wet oil paint
  3. Use soap and water to remove oil paint
  4. Use rubbing alcohol to remove dried oil paint
  5. Use vinegar and baking soda to remove dried oil paint

There can be two possibilities whether your oil paint is not dried yet or it is completely dried. The first three ways are recommended to remove wet oil paint from the carpet, and the following two are helpful for removing dried oil paint from the carpet.

As it is hard to remove oil paint from the carpet, it is mandatory to follow the instructions carefully.

One-Using baking soda with water to remove wet oil paint

You can remove the wet oil paint by adding a mixture containing baking soda with water. Take a bowl and add 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of warm water. Mix them very well with a brush to form a paste-like mixture.

Now, use a cloth to settle the paste mixture on the stain. Rub the paint until it is completely clean.

Please note that this method applies only to wet oil paint stains. If case paint does not wash thoroughly, use your nails to scrub out them quickly.

Two-Blotting with mineral spirit to clean wet oil paint from carpet

To remove wet oil paint from the carpet, you can combine a mixture of any mineral spirit with ammonia. This mixture will make a chemical that can easily remove oil paint from the carpet, but I recommend using this method only for minor oil paint stains.

Take a small jar and pour 75% mineral spirit such as OMS (Odourless Mineral Spirit) and 25% ammonia. Mix them very well until they get completely mixed. Now take a cotton piece and soak this mixture. Blot it very well until the oil paint stains get off.

Three-Using soap and water to remove wet oil paint

A mixture of soap and water is only helpful in removing minor stains from oil paints. Remember that this mixture will not work if the oil paint is dried already.

Now, take a big brush or any product that can be used to brush out these stains.

The soapy mixture is weaker, so there is a need to rub the area very well. Take a piece of cloth and dip it in the solution and then apply it over the stain. Use that large size brush to scrub the area gently. Repeat the process until all the oil paint is removed.

Four-Using rubbing alcohol to remove dried oil paint

Rubbing alcohol is also known as antiseptic, which can be easily found in drugstores. It is a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol which is relatively less reactive to the skin. It is also safe to use.

To remove dried oil paint, take a cotton cloth and drip some alcohol. Use this cloth to rub on the dried oil paint. This method will break the dried oil paint and make it soluble on the cloth piece.

Repeat the procedure again and again until you get the desired results.

Five-Using vinegar and baking soda to remove dried oil paint

Vinegar is an active ingredient that can easily absorb oil. Dried oil paint stains can be wiped off easily by mixing half cup of vinegar with half cup of baking soda.

These two ingredients are active cleaning agents which are highly helpful in softening the dried oil paint, and finally, it gets removed from any fabric.

For this procure, make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. You can adjust the volume to 50% each. Now mix it well until all the baking soda gets mixed.

Add some water and warm the mixture with low flames. Use a clean rag to apply the mixture on the carpet surface. In many cases, all the oil paint gets separated within a few minutes, but if the stain is more significant, you may have to repeat the procedure and scrub the paint with a brush to remove it altogether.

Why it is hard to remove oil paint from the carpet?

It is hard to remove oil paint just because of the presence of oil in the paint, making it super sticky and insoluble with water as water cannot dissolve fat, so it cannot help to remove oil paint stains from a carpet.

Secondly, carpet comprises wool and synthetic fibers with excellent absorbing properties. So they don’t let the oil paint loose from their surface. It is hard to wash carpets after a couple of days like clothes, so you always have to be conscious while oil painting.

Oil paint also contains some chemical ingredients that are bad for carpet fibers, especially wool.
As turpentine is an ideal mineral spirit that can easily remove oil paint stains from the carpet, but working with turpentine can be risky for health.

What is the easiest way to remove oil paint from the carpet?

Using rubbing alcohol is one of the easiest ways to remove oil paint from the carpet because it is readily available and also non-toxic. Rubbing alcohol can be used for small areas to wipe off oil paint using a cloth piece. Rubbing alcohol is a cleaning agent like vinegar and baking powder, but its potential is much better.

It can also absorb oil from oil paint which water cannot do. It evaporates quickly in the air with oil, making it perfect for removing or cleaning any stains. Moreover, it can be used for cleaning metals and oil paint brushes.

Rubbing alcohol can be used in many ways. You can use it with acetone or ammonia if the oil paint stains are hard to remove, but if there are fewer stains and they are still wet, then only this is enough to remove all the stuff.

How to clean oil paint thinner out of the carpet?

Oil paint thinners are solvents used to thin down oil paints. If you drop it over the carpet, take ammonia solution and water. Mix them in a 1/2 proportion and use a cloth to remove the thinner. After it has dried, you can blot the area with a clean cloth or towel.

You can also use WD-40 and other cleaning agents to remove oil paint thinner from the carpet.


Will rubbing alcohol remove dried oil paint from the carpet?

Only rubbing alcohol is not enough to obliterate the oil paint. You have to add ammonia or acetone to remove dried oil paint altogether.

Does oil paint stain the carpet?

Yes, oil paint stain carpet will be hard to remove if it dries out. You have to be quicker to remove it. Follow the simple strategies above to ensure you wipe off oil paint on time.

Final Words

Oil paint is a tough stain to remove from the carpet, but plenty of cleaning methods can be followed to get rid of them. It is far better that you don’t prefer any home area for oil painting because it is always messy. Any precautions cannot save your clothes and home appliances from oil paint.

Create a separate place for oil painting where you will be able to oil paint without any worries. Doing so will also save your family members and pets from any incident in which they can come in contact with toxic fumes of oil painting mediums.


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