All you need to know; beginner’s guide for oil painting

Have you made up your mind to start painting but are confused about choosing the right way according to your passion? Well, let’s start with the interesting thing of combining different colors to make new colors. Are you interested or motivated; oil painting is based on the same concept of mixing colors but your mental ability to transform reality into drawings is also as important as mixing.

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What is oil painting?

It consists of oil paints which are pigments mixed in oil. There is no limitation in making colors because they can be created by intermixing two or more of them to form a new one. To give shading, usually white and black one is most preferred. The quality of the drawing is based on the quality of colors, brushes, your ability, and other compulsory components. It is also a quite famous way to express the inner world of a painter. Many famous painters are using oil paints to make their paintings more realistic.

I think you should set up your mind after seeing this wonderful piece of art. Oil painting is not that difficult to learn.

The history of oil painting is also very fascinating. It is the oldest medium of art. It has been in use for centuries and is still in use getting more and more popular. It is believed that ancient Indians and Chines use this medium of art.

Characteristics of oil paint

Oil painting colors are premium quality colors that are custom and can be made as per the requirements. You can adjust the density, shade, and color combination of them. They are synthetic and premium quality colors as compared to water and acrylic colors. They are also durable but they are also time-consuming. If you are using them then you need to pay some attention to time and effort.

The material used to draw up the oil painting is known as a canvas which lasts for a long time and easily suits these colors. Oil paints have the following characteristics:


It gives a proper transparent appearance to the image by making the image more richer and beautiful. They are also known as custom paints which provide the perfect shade to the image. Although it is a time-consuming process and also needs good skills but once you will get into it. The image quality will be excellent.

Drying texture

Once you did the painting, you have to let it dry for a few hours or more which will give a soft texture it. During the drying procedure, the artist can edit or make changes to the painting and also fix errors. The drying of oil also gives a shiny look to the surface which gives a more realistic look. The famous painting of the Mona Lisa was also done with oil paints.

Oil painting is the art of great patience and great workmanship. Patience means that you should have to wait for the drying of the painting after completion. You have to create desired colors by intermixing other colors but the worth of the results is what matters.

Disadvantages oil painting

The main disadvantage for a haste artist is that it takes a lot of time. You have to put a lot of effort into mixing the paints properly. Another disadvantage is that the paint used may contain quite a strong odor which can be irritating. You also have to put a lot of effort into preventing it from dusting or other things during the drying time.

What is needed for oil painting?

Usually, there are some major and basic components on which you can start doing oil painting today

  • Canvas or any other paper
  • Any oil to slim the paint material
  • palette knife to mix the paint
  • A bowl with water
  • Brushes
  • A cloth to clean drops

Is oil painting easier than acrylic?

There is no doubt that acrylic painting is so much easier as compared to oil painting because it is beginner’s friendly and all the materials used in it are easily available and can be used easily. Oil painting can also be considered as begginer’s friendly if the beginner understands it first and arrange all the required components.

Oil painting vs Acrylic painting

Oil PaintingAcrylic Painting
It consists of pigment mixed in oilIt is also known as water painting
Requires a lot of time to dryIt dries so easily
Little bit professionalbeginner’s friendly
Less durablePaintings are more durable
More worthLess worth
Table showing the difference between Oil painting & Acrylic painting

Examples of oil painting

example of oil painting
Example 1 of oil painting
example of oil painting: man making an oil painting
Example 2 of oil painting
Example of oil painting
Example 3 of oil painting

Examples of Acrylic painting

example of acrylic painting
Example 1 of acrylic painting
Example 2 of acrylic painting
Example 2 of Acrylic painting
example of Acrylic painting
Example 3 of Acrylic painting


For hundreds of years, oil paintings are in the history of art. It has given greater texture, shape, and look to the art. Painting by using oil and painting by using water are two different concepts and both have their own scope but for a new user, Acrylic painting is a good option. Good discipline is needed for this art because you have to wait for a long time to complete your design.

Each component including brush, Canvas, paint, etc have its own value and each component is necessary. You can slightly see a difference in the paintings which are given above. The examples of oil painting contain a kind of real-looking stuff which have a soft texture. But the examples of Acrylic contain solid structures with the mixing of colors.

Are you ready to start a new journey as an artist? You will need more suggestions to get the answer to all the problems which you will face in future. You can definitely check out more from us.

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