How to get acrylic paint out of white clothes – 6 Effective Strategies

Acrylic paints are known for their high versatility and durable nature but this versatility can be a big problem when acrylic paints come in contact with fabrics, especially white clothes. It is a challenging situation to remove these paints through white fabrics but it is still quite possible if the cleaning is done properly. You need some know-how and some materials to do this job properly.

This blog aims to provide 6 effective and unique strategies on how to get acrylic paint out of white clothes.

How to get Acrylic paints out of white clothes?

Acrylic paint can be removed from white clothes by Rinsing with cold water, and commercial dish soap, using rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar, and laundering the garment.

There are two forms of acrylic stains, wet stains and dried stains. We have divided these ways into two parts.

For wet Acrylic Stains on white clothes:

  • Rinsing with cold water
  • Using commercial dish soap
  • Laundering the garment

For dried Acrylic stains on white clothes:

  • Using rubbing alcohol
  • Using white vinegar
  • Launder the garment

Please note that if any of the methods do not work on the stain, try to find out if the paint is wet or dried and then use a method according to the given forms. All these methods guarantee one hundred percent results on white clothes and there will be no additional harm to the fabric of the clothes.

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For wet Acrylic paint stains:

1-Rinsing with cold water

Address the problem as soon as possible because wet acrylic paint is a lot easier to remove than in dried form. The basic method to remove the acrylic paint is cold water (15 C). Cold water is hard which helps to push the water out of the fabric. Warm water will not be helpful in this case because it will affect the natural form of the fibers.

2- Using commercial dish soap

Household dish soap is very effective for cleaning paint strains. We recommend using the dish soap with cold water. Firstly, rinse the stain with cold water and then apply dish soap for best results.

Only applying dish soap is not enough because there is a need for botting as well to remove the stains completely. Originally, dish soap is not formulated to wash clothes but it can work well to remove dust and dirt. Use only those dish soaps that do not contain any chemicals because these chemicals can react with clothes fiber.

3- Lander the garment

Separately laundering is also helpful in removing wet paint stains. Launder only the cloth that caught stains but don’t put other clothes with it. Applying the first two techniques can be helpful in getting effective results from laundering.

Laundering is a process of washing, drying, and ironing the cloth but is it really safe for white cloth, the answer is yes. To do the process safely, use cold water and dish soap techniques to remove the stain as much as possible and then put it into the laundry machine. Then you can dry the cloth in the spinner.

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For dried Acrylic Stains

1- Using rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an active cleaning agent that can remove small and medium-sized paint stains. rubbing alcohol is an isopropyl that evaporates at a faster rate than water. This property helps it to remove tough stains without any additional effort.

To use rubbing alcohol, put some drops on the stain and use the thumb to blot the stain until it vanishes. Usually, people use this method if the dish soap does not work with the stain. To save time, just find out if your paint is dried or not. If it is dried then use this method.

As rubbing alcohol can harm the fabrics if applied in high quantities, so make sure to use only a small amount.

2- Using white vinegar to remove stains

White vinegar is also an effective cleaning agent but it contains a mild smell that can be irritating for some users. this method is only recommended for tough stains that cannot be removed through the above processes.

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water and then apply the mixture to the stain with of sponge. Blot the area to remove the stain. Before blotting, give at least 5 minutes for the mixture to settle down completely.

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3- Laundaring the garment

Laundering is recommended after every technique whether it is for wet stain or dried stain. Wash the garment with slightly hot water to set the stain completely. High temperatures can easily help to break down the remaining particles completely. You can add the detergent for best results.

All of these techniques are meant to remove acrylic paint from clothes. To remove, oil paint stains the methods will be different. If you want to read a complete guideline to remove oil stains, please read: how to remove paint from clothes.

Is acrylic paint permanent on clothes?

Acrylic paint is not permanent on clothes but its ability to adhere to any surface can make it really challenging to remove once it dries. As acrylic paints are made of polymer emulsion they become like a plastic layer after drying. Plastic can be easy to remove from fabric once it dries but acrylic paints have strong adhering properties that make them difficult to remove.

Acrylic paints are tough to remove but not impossible. There are a variety of techniques and methods that can be [used to remove them from clothes. Some of these techniques include using rubbing alcohol, white vinegar dish soap, etc.

The most efficient way to stop acrylic paints from drying is to react fast and rins the wet stain under cold water. In hot weather, they dry at a faster rate so react fast to remove them as soon as possible.

Is Acrylic paint Washable?

Acrylic paints are washable because they are water-based. Instead of old paints, they are formed by polymer emulsion which is a form of plastic. In other words, acrylic paint is a mixture of pigment, water, and plastic. The best thing is that they are not resistant to water. When they are in wet form, cold water can be helpful to remove them easily from our clothes but once they get dried, cleaning agents such as rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar are effective to remove these stains.

Thankfully! the stains of acrylic paints are not tougher than oil paint stains. Oil paints stains cannot be cleaned by using water only. You can even blot the dried acrylic paint to remove it but cannot do the same with oil paints.

Please note that some acrylic paints are formulated with more washable characteristics that can be removed without any effort. Here is a list of fabrics that can hold acrylic paints easily:

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Suede
  • Corduroy

What kind of paint won’t wash off clothes?

Acrylic paint is versatile and is being used to paint clothes or t-shirts with so many beautiful designs but the thing is they are washable on clothes. They are washable but with the help of certain mediums or additives, they become permanent on clothes.

The next paint is fabric paint which is used in textile industries to paint the fabric permanently. This paint stays on the fabric after so many washes. If your cloth gets acrylic paint, then it will be easier to remove but if they get a stain of fabric paint, that could not be washable.

Can a sanitizer remove acrylic paint?

Yes, a sanitizer could be helpful to remove small stains easily. Sanitizer contains cleaning agents such as isopropyl alcohol which is another name for rubbing alcohol. As we discussed before, rubbing alcohol could be helpful to remove both dried and wet stains easily.

To use sanitizer for cleaning stains, put a few drops of it over the stain and use a toothbrush to scrub the area gently. Be gentle about the fabric of the cloth as you are using isopropyl alcohol.


Does Dettol remove acrylic paint?

Yes, Dettol could be helpful because it contains an antiseptic mixture made with the formulation of chloroxylenol and other forms of alcohol that can remove acrylic stains with less effort.

Does acrylic shrink after washing?

As acrylic paints are made with synthetic fibers and are resistant to shrinking. In fact, they are better than other natural fibers when they are exposed to water and heat. Acrylic garments are less likely to shrink after washing.

Final Words

Acrylic paint can be removed from white clothes by Rinsing with cold water, and commercial dish soap, using rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar, and laundering the garment. However, it is essential to note that some tips are recommended for only wet stains but some are for both dried and challenging stains.

Due to high versatility, it became tougher to remove the acrylic paints from white clothes after drying so make sure to remove the stain before its drying. We discussed earlier about warm water remedy but it was just for laundering the stain. If you try to heat the stain by ironing or any other method, it will get permanent and will be tougher to remove.

We hope you have got what you were seeking. If you have found this guide helpful then there are so many blogs here that are waiting for you.

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