Liquin impasto vs Liquin original – Purpose, Benefits, and Key Differences 

Liquin is a medium that is purely designed for oil painting. Who knows that there can be some additional forms of this magical medium? One thing is clear the simple form of Liquin increases the drying time and boosts the quality as well as the appearance of the oil paints. But what does the Liquin impasto do to the oil paint?

This blog aims to provide complete detail about Liquin impasto vs. Liquin original. However, there are some additional types of Liquin as well that will be explained and the blog ends up with some additional questions about these two types of Liquin.

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Let’s start!

Liquin impasto has been made for artists who love to work with thick layers of oil paint. It is designed to build texture in the paint. On the other hand, liquid original has been made for those who love to improve the flow of the oil paint. It must be kept in mind that both mediums fasten the drying speed of the oil paints.

Liquin is a product from Winsor & Newton and only this brand offers this magical medium. First of all, Liquin was introduced by the brand in the 19s and after the successful launch, the company created more mediums like Liquin. Liqiun impasto was made for those who work on the impasto technique. In impasto, artists used to create very thick layers of oil that take a lot of time to dry than normal oil painting. Sometimes, oil paintings made with the impasto technique can take up to 1 year to dry completely.

To solve the issue of slow drying time due to the impasto technique, Liquin impasto was specially designed to reduce the drying time and to make the oil paints suitable for impasto applications.

Difference Table

 For impasto techniqueLiquin original
PurposeFor thick layers, mainly work with the impasto technique. For thinner layers, work with the classic technique.
Drying speed2X fast drying speed2X fast drying speed
AdvantagesFast drying time, suitable for impasto, can be applied on thick layersFast drying time, increase texture, for thin and moderate layers.
Difference For thinner layers, work with the classic technique.  For thinner layers, work with classic technique.
27$ for 200ml   (Costly)23$ for 250ml (Cheaper)

How long does Liquin impasto take to dry?

No doubt that Liquin Impasto boosts the drying time of oil paints, especially in the impasto technique. It is made to fasten the drying speed up to 2X. Commonly, Liquin impasto takes 24 hours to a week or even two weeks to make the oil paint dry.

Keep in mind that how fast the oil paint dries after mixing Liquin impasto depends on the thickness of the layers. that’s why I have mentioned two weeks because Impasto is famous for the thickness of the oil paint. So, you have to manage accordingly.

Is Liquin toxic?

Toxicity depends upon the formulation of any medium and there are no doubts that Liquin contains petroleum distillates and alkyd resins that are considered toxic but they only affect if they are inhaled continuously. So, working in closed areas such as small store rooms with no ventilation can irritate the lungs but only if you continuously inhale the medium.

Winsor & Newton mentioned the age range to Adult, which means it is unsuitable for children and pets.

How to use Liquin Impasto?

Firstly mix a small amount of liquin impasto with oil paint and mix well. Manage the amount of Liquin Impasto according to your needs. Test it on a paper before use to ensure the exact results.

Apply the mixture of oil paint and Liquin Impasto on the canvas or painting surface. Provide proper drying time max 1-5 days and suitable temperature ( Between 20–22 °C) and ventilation for best results.

Which is better, Liquin original or Liquin impasto?

Which is better Liquin original or Liquin impasto it’s totally based on your preference and also depends on the techniques you are using while painting. If you are going to work with the classic technique, Liquin original is recommended but if you are working with the Impasto technique, Liquin Impasto is recommended.

It is not recommended to use Liquin Impasto for a classic technique because it could cause some drying and texture issues. Make sure to use these mediums according to the above recommendations.


Can different types of Liquin be used in one oil painting?

Yes, you can use different types of Liquin in one oil painting but in the ratio of 2:1, that means 2 parts of oil paint and 1 part of Liquins.

How long does Liquin take to dry?

Liquin takes 1-5 days to dry oil paints. But it also depends on the properties of the oil paints as well as room temperature. 

Final Words

Liquin is just a magical thing that can increase the quality of oil paintings. No doubt, there are a lot of other mediums as well like Liquin but we recommend it to our beginners as well as professionals to improve their work quality. The main difference between Liquin Original and Liquin Impasto is the technique. For Impasto, Liquin Impasto is the best option but for classic technique, Liquin Original is the best. Moreover, this magical medium also helps to stop the process of cracking in the oil painting. By overcoming all the main points, we can boost the shelf life of oil painting.

Be careful with Liquin because it can cause irritating toxic fumes that can affect the lungs and the normal breathing process.

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