Oil painting trends 2023 – Stay up to date to compete

Oil painting is the most popular medium of painting in the world. It originated in the 15th century and since then it is getting popularity. As times change, new techniques are being invented by artists to produce creative and unique artworks which is a great reason for increasing competition. In this article, I will compare the history with the present to tell where is oil painting going and if is it still worthful to do it.

In the olden days, oil painting was dominant and people were highly concerned with spending years learning this precious technique. As a result, we can see some remarkable artworks such as Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, Guernica, etc from the past. They are worth millions and it took them decades to learn that completely.

These old masters put a lot of old glazing techniques in their paintings and it was common for them to put up to 60 layers on a single painting. Each layer takes more than a day to dry and the old masters were able to produce such unbeaten artworks just by effort and consistency.

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What is the current market value of oil paintings?

Oil Painting
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The current market value of oil paintings is based on so many factors including canvas size, the popularity of the artist, expenses involved in making the painting, etc. Artists often create rates per square inch which are usually between 2$ and 10$. None of the paintings can sell for below 2$ per square inch. This gave us a rough idea that oil painting is worth pretty good still now.

2$ per square inch means you create a painting of 16 by 16. 16×16 = 256 square inches. Now, the price is going to be 256×2 = 512$. In other words, oil paintings still have a good market value if the seller knows how to create his painting worthful.

I have also seen some artists who are degrading the value of their art. They are Oppressed in selling their creativity below 2$ per square inch because they think they get to fail. There are so many cases who gave up by not getting enough from oil painting.

Painting is something that makes you live lonely because you cannot make deep ideas in a rush. You leave everything for your imagination, that’s why artists have another world. Yes, they live in their world and their every work is a reflection of those moments from their world.

Future of oil painting

The future of oil painting will always be bright because it is an entirely different way of subjective expression. However, its trend was at its peak between the 18th to 19th Centuries. Mona Lisa was also brought to Louvre Museum in the 19th Century. Oil paintings may not be driving the change in art as they once did in the olden days in which painting was the only way to capture the moment but that role was taken by photography. It was also a way to express visions and ideas of dreams which were also taken by computer graphics.

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In the olden days, there was so much devotion between people to get paintings because they don’t have something magical and something which they can watch for hours and hours. But today, everything has been taken by mobile phones, computers, and tablets. The future is even going to be worse because technology is rapidly making its way into the world.

Still, I can say oil painting has a bright future because people want to decorate their houses and they want to show the paintings to their friends, family, and relatives and there are hundreds and thousands of opportunities for artists. There are so many sites and businesses which are making millions through these oil paintings. Oil paintings are eye-catching, they have the potential to make anyone fall in love with them. You are not going to see a bad time with oil paintings unless you are not skillful.

Is it still worth getting into oil painting?

Yes, it is still worthful to get into oil painting because painting is not going to die. Whether there will be graphic Software or cameras, the art made by hand not going to lose its worth. However, there are some countries in which artists are not making enough and they are facing hard times but if you are in the United States, art is not going to let you without food.

To compete in the market, your paintings must have updated strategies and techniques to attract buyers. Good framing, contrasting, and color understanding are among those strategies.

To stand out in the market, it is so much important to adopt those trends which are in most demand. This is a great way to make fast progress as the new year comes with new ways and improvements. Adopt these techniques to instantly stand out your paintings in the market.

1. Glazing

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Glazing is a way to apply semi-transparent layers of paint over a dried and opaque surface. A glazed color has a debt that makes the color feel more intense than a regular blender. Oil paintings with high details are usually more attractive and more buyers prefer them. This trend will stay dominant in 2023, just improve your technique and make it eye-catching. There are so many artists who have made their careers just through glazing.

2. Impasto

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Impasto is a technique of oil painting in which artists use thick opaque paint with heavy texture and apply them with a pellet knife or brush. However, this is tricky to create paintings through impasto. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand from buyers regarding those paintings having a bright-colored light source. You create a subject with the ordinary method and then give it a light source by using impasto. There must be some specific conditions in the painting to do so, such as night or dark background. You can also create neon signs or other light effects through this technique.

3. Creating light effects

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In the paintings of a subject, there is special kind of natural effects that looks very great and eye-catching. For example, you can create an effect of rim light behind the subject and can create highlights on the face. If there is warm color then you can create warm intensity by using oil colors.

This technique is going to be really helpful to stand out in 2023 because there is a huge demand for this kind of painting from buyers.

If you really want to make something that sells a lot faster, then you must have a clear concept about good or bad painting. Think about some paintings which you have seen so far and you like so much. Just master one technique of painting and start making your art regularly. Work daily and make a mind to create a unique painting. Give some time to that painting daily. after some weeks or even months, you will be going to have a painting of which you can feel proud. Now, the second time when you will try to make a painting, it will take less time. At last, you will grip the technique, and your art going to sell like hotcakes.

If you are not able to sell a single painting throughout the year then don’t get demotivated or don’t try to leave your field. I would recommend taking some on-site classes from an art institute and trying to figure out why this is happening. You can also acquire skills from artists who are already famous. This is the modern era, there are tons of videos and content to learn and practice without paying any fee. You just need motivation, inspiration, and consistency to stand out in this modern world.

You can also follow a mentor which can be really helpful to get new painting ideas. Depending on your location, you can find them near you through google. I recommend on-site more than online because you can interact with them and create good relations. He will clear all your concepts and mistakes you are facing. If you have an arrangement of fee then it is best but if you are short of money then you can get help from Youtube. Stefan Bauman can be your mentor because I have also learned a lot from him.

If you cannot follow any steps above then start using social media. Interact with some artists like you and get their opinions about your painting. If you will find someone noticing your art, you will definitely try to make your work even better. Build communities and post regular updates about your work but it must be something interesting. Your consistency is going to be the main character of this game.


Oil painting is not going to lose its worth but there is a lot more competition. To stand out, you have to know what people like to see and what attracts them the most. Create your artwork with the most trending techniques such as glazing or impasto. There is no way that oil painting is going to lose its worth, it’s just your mind which is asking you to switch to something better than oil painting but the truth is painting is better than any other work if you are in with your own interest.


Why don’t digital paintings look as artistic as oil paintings?

Digital paintings are the creations of this modern era. You can create such paintings on the “Paintology App” which is available on the google play store. However, an oil painting made by an artist is far different from these digital paintings because handmade artwork is more precious and it also takes more time and effort. Digital paintings can be used to get ideas to create handmade artwork.

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