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The art pricing calculator is an online tool that helps artists and collectors to know the exact worth of their artworks.



About Art Pricing Calculator

Determining the exact price of an artwork can be a challenging task, especially when you create the artwork yourself. There are a lot of things that should keep in mind when determining the value of artwork manually. Moreover, the manual method is time-consuming and tedious. To solve the problem of pricing artwork, PaintingFox has introduced an easy-to-use art pricing calculator to find the exact worth of the art.

In our art pricing calculator, all the fields are mandatory because they all affect the pricing of the painting. This tool is not specified by any country’s specific rates. The main currency is the US dollar because it is the most used currency worldwide. If your currency is specific then input data accordingly.

Art Pricing calculator works by putting data about the length and the width of the painting in inches and then putting the information of the main materials that have been used to create the painting. For example, if your painting is oil on canvas, your materials could be oil paint, canvas, liquin, linseed oil etc. Next, add the number of hours that have been spent from the beginning to the end of the painting. The next section is about the worth of yourself and your painting. Give a score out of 10 in each of these sections. At last, press calculate.


The art pricing calculator is a property of PaintingFox, here is a list of features that are included in the tool:

1. Exact Price Estimation

2. Currency Flexibility

The main currency is Dollar. However, prices can be found in any currency. Just put the cost being charged per square inch in that specific country. For example, if I buy a painting from an artist in India who have a rate of 50 INR per square inch, then I need to put 50 INR in the field.

3. Better Understanding value of artwork

4. Additional Information

The tool is associated with a blog enriched with the most important information about oil painting.

5. Input Flexibility

Users can neglect the “Framing Cost” field, but the calculator can still provide the output price.

6. Easy & Mobile Friendly Interface

7. Quick Results

There is no button, that’s why there is no loading time. Results are fast and accurate.

Tips for using the Art Pricing Calculator

Here are some of the tips that can better help you out in getting a winning art price:

  • Understand some additional factors also that can affect the price of your artwork. However, both of the formulas have been given that can be used to get exact output. To increase the perfection, note down both of the outputs and then find an average of them.


Suppose I want to find the price of a 20×20 painting that is made by me. My current charge per square inch is 4$ and the overall framing cost I bear is 200$ in the production. First, I am going to use the painting price calculator (CPSI calculator).

Art Pricing Calculator Online - Painting Price Calculator - Artwork Pricing Calculator

By using the Painting price calculator, I have got an output of 2000$. Now, I can use the second calculator as well. So, I am going to set an hourly wage rate according to my popularity and it will be 4$. I spent 9 hours on this painting and my overall cost was 200$. Now, I am going to use the Artwork pricing calculator on the bases of an hourly rate.

Art pricing calculator - Artwork price calculator - Painting price calculator

Now, I can take an average of both results which is 3809/2=1904. 1904 is the best price for the work.

  • There is no limitation for a specific medium. This calculator can be used to find the prices of oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, and drawings. Pottery is an art, you can also find the manufacturing price of any handmade utensils made by pottery.
  • You can also find the hourly wage rate of any handmade or physical work with the hourly wage rate calculator.
  • There is no limitation of outputs, so if you want to find another output in which the input values will be similar to the previous inputs, don’t rest all the values. Instead, refill the changed values.

About Calculator 1

Calculator 1 named CPSI (Cost Per Square Inch) Calculator is being made to find the price of the paintings according to the height and width of the canvas. Moreover, the cost of framing is also included just to make sure that the artist gets a fair amount of his work.


The formula is obtained by multiplying height and width with the cost per square inch and then adding the double expense in the result.

What if the data don’t work in Average Per Sq. inch bases?

Don’t worry, the CPSI calculator is not only a way to get the correct results. If in case, you found some additional values, Hourly Based Calculator is for you.

About Calculator 2

Calculator 2 is also known as an hourly-based art price calculator that has been made to generate some additional results. If the user doesn’t ever work on APSI bases, the hourly rate can help him to generate exact outputs on the bases of the hourly wage rate.

In the art pricing calculator, you just need to put the rate that has been offered to you or by you then put the number of hours that are being used in manufacturing last, create a sheet and list all the expenses that have been made on that painting. Make sure to provide correct data, so the calculator predicts it accordingly.


How to price artwork for beginners?

Artwork can be priced by calculating the total hours spent in the work process and then multiplying the data by the hourly wage rate. Calculate all the expenses and then multiply them by two. At last, multiply all the values. For ease, use the above calculator.

How to price Acrylic Paintings?

Pricing and acrylic painting can be the same as other mediums but the average rate per sq. inch is low in the case of acrylic paintings. Use the above calculator to find the price of acrylic paintings.

How to price your art commissions?

Art commissions can be found by using the hourly wage rate. If you are charging 5$ per hour, then multiply this rate by the total number of hours that you have spent in the working process. At last, calculate the total expenses that have been made due to art commissions. Double the expense, and add all the values.

What is a typical commission for art?

There are some art galleries that often charge from 33% to 100% as a commission. However, this commission may depend upon various factors such as the type of artwork, the experience of the artist, the complexity of the piece and the demand according to the location.

How to negotiate art prices?

Art prices can be reduced because every gallery expects buyers to push back between a 5% to 15% discount. To negotiate the price of the artwork, do your research on the art by calculating the price of the artwork on a calculator and then start with a reasonable offer. Show your interest also so that they really take you seriously. This is not rude to negotiate the price of the art.

Final Words

This art pricing calculator is a very useful tool for both artists and collectors. You can find the original price of any painting or artwork just by putting in some general information such as the dimensions of the painting, the artist’s reputation price and the sum of expenses.

Usually, artists use two methods or formulas to calculate the value of their artworks. Luckily, Painting Fox is providing both tools without any charges. Play with the tools to find the exact prices for your artwork.

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