How much does it cost to frame an oil painting – Quick Guide

Framing is like giving clothes to a painting. When it comes to oil on canvas, framing can be necessary to enhance the beauty and provide protection to the artwork. But what could be the average cost of a custom frame for oil painting? The answer to this question is not specific to any particular frame design. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered.

This blog aims to provide the most accurate information about how much it costs to frame an oil painting. As a bonus, we are going to elaborate on some other interesting questions and answers also about framing an oil painting. Let’s explore the details together!

The cost of framing an oil painting may vary on some factors such as size, quality, material type, and labor cost. On average, the cost of framing an oil painting can range from 50$ to 500$. For small paintings, this cost can range between 50$ and 100$ but for larger paintings, the cost may vary between 100$ to 500$.

For smaller oil paintings, the cost of framing cannot be more than 100$ as all small frames are available for less than 70$ price tags. A smaller frame such as 11×14 cannot cost more than 70$. There are also some frames in the market that are available in just a 20$ price range. However, for larger oil paintings this cost can go up to 150$ or more.

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The type of glass in the frame is probably the second most important consideration after size because regular glass is less expensive while UV-protective glass is more. A frame with UV-protective glass can add up to 20 more dollars to the price of the frame but glass is not necessary for oil paintings. So, all the prices are given by neglecting the piece of glass in a frame. In framing, labor costs can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the design and the kind of material used for manufacturing the frame.

How much does it cost to frame an oil painting
Sample image showing frame dimensions

Here is a table that will show the exact answer about how much it cost to frame an oil painting.

NOSize of Frame (inches)Average PriceCustom Frame Price ($)
18″ x 10″12$-30$100$-200$
211″ x 14″15$-70$100$-250$
3 16″ x 20″20$-80$100$-350$
420″ x 24″50$-100$150$-400$
524″ x 36″75$-150$250$-550$
630″ x 40″90$-250$350$-700$
Table showing the average price of standard frames for oil painting

How much does it cost to custom frame an oil painting

The price of a custom frame depends upon the size, material, complexity of design, and glass type. The cost of a standard-sized 8×10 custom frame can be between 100$ and 200$. The more complex the design, the higher it will be going to cost. The price of a 30×40 custom frame can be between 350$ and 700$ and the average price of custom frames is between 100$ and 700$.

Custom framing is getting more popular day by day as people are getting aware of the wide range of choices that are available in custom frames. Custom framing is the process of creating a unique and individualized frame for the artwork. These frames are different from common frames because they provide the freedom to choose the material, design, and glass options.

Should oil paintings be framed?

A frame is a structure that surrounds the oil painting to protect it from being damaged by the environment. These frames come in a lot of varieties, designs, and sizes according to canvas size. Hence, the standard size of the frame for an oil painting is 8×10 inches.

How much does it cost to frame an oil painting - Should oil paintings be framed
Should oil paintings be framed?

To protect the oil painting from damage, it must be framed. A frame not only enhances the visual performance of the artwork but also provides a protective barrier from dust and other elements. So, the answer is yes, oil paintings should be framed.

Here are some of the benefits of framing an oil painting:

  • Protection: A frame worked as a shield that provides safety from dust, dirt, moisture, or any other damages that can break the canvas.
  • Beauty Enhancement: A frame is a great way to showcase artwork. There are millions of designs in the market that increase the aesthetics of oil painting.
  • Presentation: Framing can help to create an effective presentation of the artwork.
  • Value addition: A good frame can enhance the value of your artwork by making it more attractive.

What type of frame is best for an oil painting?

Hardwood frames such as oak, cherry, and maple are the best framing materials for oil paintings because they can be painted in any color to match the oil painting. Beyond material, a traditional painting can be framed with a decorative frame to match the style of the painting while a modern oil painting can be framed with a simple-looking frame.

Remember to consider the color of the frame because you should not want to overpower the color of the painting. You may also not want to put a weak frame on your favorite oil painting, so you must choose a frame very wisely. At this point, you don’t have to worry about how much the frame costs because durability is more precious.

Here are some most important things to consider when purchasing a frame for oil painting.

  1. Material: Always look for a strong and flexible material that will not crack. The most common material is wood which can be moderated very well according to the size of the canvas. Some companies also offer custom frames that can be a good option too but can be a little more expensive.
  2. Style: An ideal frame will enhance the beauty of the artwork. For example, older paintings can be framed in a Beveled style. New oil paintings can be framed in modern frames.
  3. Conservation: Choose a frame that is enough strong to provide protection from any damage by falling.


Is it okay to frame an oil painting with glass

No, we don’t recommend using glass for oil paintings because glass can create a barrier to trap moisture and prevent the oil paint from drying further. Instead, we recommend framing an oil painting without glass. The varnishing layer is enough to work as an alternative to glass.

Should I wait to frame an oil painting before it is varnished?

Yes, you should wait to frame an oil painting before it is varnished as the varnishing layer acts as a protective layer to provide a stand to the oil painting even in the absence of glass. Having a final varnish layer on the painting surface is also a clear sign that the oil painting is dried. In addition, the varnish layer provides protection from many environmental factors.

Is it OK to touch oil paintings?

No, you should not touch the oil paintings with bare hands because oil and dirt can transfer to the painting surface which can cause the oil painting to look dull. Have you ever noticed, why museums don’t allow you to touch the paintings with bare hands? Because oil paintings need protection from dust and dirt. A small layer of dirt can create dullness.

Final Words

Framing an oil painting is a boost in beauty but this boost must be adopted very curiously. In case your oil painting is old enough and you cannot use a modern frame, choose some antique and old-fashioned frames. Modern frames are cheaper because they don’t have a complex design but antique frames are relatively expensive. On average, framing (any size) can cost you between 50$ and 500$ for pre-designed frames and 100$-700$ for custom frames.

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